Fine Ceramic Components

Fine ceramic

Kyocera is a world leader in the manufacturing of very precise, high quality ceramic components and products, with an extensive range of applications. Kyocera now provides over 200 kinds of ceramic materials with leading edge technology and services designed to meet your individual needs.


Alumina is the most widely used material among fine ceramics, and has the same sintered crystal structure (α-Al2O3) as sapphire and ruby. Its application is diverse due to its superb properties such as high insulation, high strength, high wear resistance and chemical resistance.
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Silicon Nitride

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) exceeds other ceramics in thermal shock resistance. As its strength does not deteriorate at elevated temperatures, it is appropriate material for automotive engine and gas turbine parts, including turbo-charger rotors, diesel engine glow plugs and hot plugs.
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Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide retains its strength at elevated temperatures as high as 1,400°C and features high corrosion resistance in fine ceramic materials. Applications include mechanical seals and pump parts.
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Zirconia ceramic offers high strength and toughness at room temperature in engineering ceramics. Before zirconia, ceramics were considered impractical for scissors or knife applications. With its excellent surface smoothness, zirconia is also used for pump parts.
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Special Ceramics

Our portfolio also includes other ceramics such as aluminum nitride, single crystal sapphire, ferrites, dielectric ceramics and special materials like cordierite. Each of the materials has a customized application.
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Metallized / Vacuum Components

The unique electrical characteristics of Kyocera's advanced ceramics combine with our superior ceramic-to-metal bonding technology to ensure the highest performance and long-term reliability in demanding environments.
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