Printing Devices

Kyocera's unique technologies provide high-speed, high-reliability and high-quality solutions for your printing needs

Kyocera’s world-class printing technologies arise from our ability to develop devices for three major printing methods, and the synergy gained from accumulating technologies in each area.

Kyocera's three printing methods and the resulting synergy

Kyocera's photoreceptor drums and printheads achieve world-class print speeds in all three methods — electrophotographic, inkjet and thermal printing.

Synergy from the accumulation of technologies used in each method allows us to offer world-class performance in all of our print products.

a-Si Photoreceptor Drums

Amorphous silicon photoreceptor drums provide an opportunity to change the role of the photoreceptor drum from a consumable item to a component with a long product life equivalent to that of the printer.
Kyocera’s robust product line meets the needs of electrophotographic method printing, from office to high-speed commercial applications.
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Thermal Printheads

The simple structure of Kyocera’s thermal printheads facilitates easy-to-maintain thermal printers for essential everyday use in a wide range of applications, from high-speed monochrome printing to full-color photo printing.
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Inkjet Printheads

2,656 nozzles in a 108mm print width, up to 100m/min printing speed and 600dpi × 600dpi, two-color 300dpi × 300dpi, four-color 150dpi × 150dpi, 1200dpi × 1200dpi and 360dpi × 360dpi resolutions.
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LED-UV Curing System

Kyocera has mounted LED chips in high density on a heat releasing ceramic substrate utilizing the company’s core technology, and has thus developed a surface area-irradiation LED-type UV light with high illuminance and integral light.
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